Is it possible to get a science job without a degree?


Getting a science job without a degree might sound difficult. Perhaps you decided that university wasn’t right for you. Or maybe you studied a non-scientific subject at university. But you still have this curiosity about the science world. You want to contribute to the progression of science in some way. Well, there are options for you out there. In this blog post, there are a collection of articles which have some useful information for someone who wants to get a science job without a degree. Each article is summarised with the key points to give you an overview. Hopefully, this inspires you to explore science jobs even if you don’t have a science-related degree.

This article gives you an overview of a couple of options you have for a science career without a degree. It mainly describes positions where you’re assisting scientists with their work, rather than doing the work directly yourself. They also mention sales-related roles you can do in science contexts. You may be able to get entry-level roles in these fields. The article also talks about the enthusiasm you need to demonstrate to show why you want to enter that field. Usually, a relevant degree directly demonstrates your interest in a subject. Here, your attitude and energy really have to show why you want to pursue a science-related career. If you decided to go for a non-science role in a science company, you could then make a sideways move into a more science-based role later.

In this article, they describe entry-level programmes in biotech, medical technology and biopharma. They also mention non-science roles at science companies. Some of these roles may have entry routes into them without needing a degree e.g. through an apprenticeship. Or, if you have a different degree e.g. in business, you could do a business role at a science company to start with. Soft skills are also emphasised as attributes you need to demonstrate to show you are fit for these types of roles.

There are various qualification options in the UK which provide alternatives to the traditional degree route. These are often more practical in nature. So if you’re sure that a degree isn’t for you or you decided a while ago not to go to university but want some other choices, have a look at this list of science-based qualifications that you could do instead.

Here you’ll find an outline of other science career options not mentioned in the articles above. This includes working in fields like forestry and food science. They mention some salary data for these roles and give a brief overview of the role itself. It also talks about what training you need for each of the roles.  

So if you thought it was impossible to get a science job without a degree, think again! There are actually a variety of options out there, depending on what you can access in your local area or online, and what your preferred method of learning is. There is an opportunity to be creative with your career path here. You can carve a science career path for yourself if you have no degree or even if you have an unrelated degree and want to contribute to the science world.

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