4 resources to help you get a data science job


Getting a data science job is a hot topic right now since it’s one of the career paths that is growing in popularity. The demand for knowledge of data science is increasing in most industries, not just tech firms. An increasing number of roles involve analytics. These skills are also valued in roles that don’t directly fall under the data science label. More and more decision-making in organisations is data-driven. Understanding and using data is therefore always valued as a skill.

You may want to get a data science job but don’t have the technical background. Or, you might have experience but want a refresher or skills boost. Either way, here are some resources to help you learn and upskill yourself to help you get a data science job:

  1. IBM Data Science Certificate

This is a foundational programme for those who don’t have expertise in data science at all. The course lasts for 10 months and consists of 9 courses. It doesn't require prior knowledge of data science, however some knowledge of Maths is necessary, at a basic level. It seems like a good starting point for those who want to pursue a data science career, but don’t have the technical background. Bear in mind that it’s laying a foundation rather than making you a full expert.

  1. Selection of Data Science Bootcamps

The bootcamps mentioned here range from just 3 months to just over a year. They mention options for beginners all the way up to experienced professionals who want some upskilling. Most of them are geared towards preparing you for some kind of career in data science. When choosing which option to go for, evaluate the time you have and if there are any specific skills you want to learn e.g. a particular programming language. Some of the courses also have industry experts involved which could mean they have an edge in giving you an insight into real word applications of the skills you learn.

  1. Excel and VBA Course

This option consists of 13 courses covering Excel, VBA and Python. If these areas are your focus, this could be a good option for you. It starts with learning Excel which many people are already familiar with. But if you want to brush up on Excel to begin with, this could be for you.

  1. Industry Competitions and Mentoring

Here are some slightly different options for routes into getting a data science job. This article mentions mentoring and training initiatives for data science jobs in the trading industry. They are more competitive options and are probably more suited to you if you already have a data science background, either through education or work experience.

The options laid out here cover a range that are suitable for all levels of experience and interest. Even if you’re not interested in a full on data science, it would still be useful to take some of the more basic courses to give yourself foundational skills in this area, as it’s something that all jobs will probably sooner or later require. Otherwise, it’s crucial to upskill yourself if you don’t have a background in data science and want to build a career in this area.

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