How Can I Use My Science Degree in My Career?


Through careers talks, online research, networking and informational interviews, I have discovered many ways to use my science degree in my career. When it first clicked that I didn’t want to pursue an academic career, it seemed like there was an empty space in front of me. I didn’t know what I could do as an alternative. It also frustrated me that my degree wouldn’t necessarily be useful if I didn’t become a scientist. Luckily, my drive to discover ways I could use my science degree opened up many opportunities.

Even though I have never done an academic role, my science degree has always been of benefit to me when applying for a job or doing a job. Here are four ways you can use your science degree during your career, even if you don’t want to become a lab-based scientist:

  1. Do any role in a science company

Working for a company where science is at the heart will automatically give you a sense of connection back to your degree. Even if you do a role that has no connection to the science, you will have an edge when applying due to your science knowledge. A lot of employers appreciate this as you are more likely to understand the context you are working in. You will also be able to interact with the scientists who may be working there with more credibility.

  1. Find a science-related role

There are lots of options out there to do a science-related role that isn’t scientific research. Examples include regulatory affairs, clinical operations, medical and science communication, data management, science teaching, education and outreach….the list could go on. Each of these roles will require different levels of technical knowledge and application.

  1. Volunteer in a STEM field

Another way I’ve used my science degree after graduating is through volunteering as a STEM Ambassador. Through this role I’ve engaged young people with STEM subjects and careers. Aside from this, you could volunteer at a museum, healthcare charity, or for a science festival. This can be added to your CV as work experience, or perhaps there is something science-related going on at your existing company that you can do and talk about during your performance review.

  1. Recognise your transferable skills into other industries

One way you can always use your science degree is recognising the transferable skills it has given you. Many of the skills you’ve gained are applicable across a range of industries. Areas like banking and consulting often look specifically for science graduates because they recognise this. Your degree will never go to waste!  

I’ve figured out how to use my science degree throughout my career in many ways. You can extract the value of your science degree over time, even if you are not directly in a science research role.  

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