Legal Careers for Scientists


There are many industries where a scientific background combined with legal skills would be an extremely valuable combination. The growing field of biotechnology is an example of this. Working in intellectual property within these fields is a common route for scientists to take. There is also the field of environmental law, if your background is in environmental science or ecology. If these examples of legal careers has sparked your interest, have a look at the following resources for more information on pursuing this path with a science degree:


Read more about the transferable skills you can use from your science degree to pursue a career in law. Also find out more about the types of roles that you could explore in various industries. The wider website gives information about conversion courses, firms and jobs, as well as plenty of advice at different stages of your education and career.

2. The Balance Careers

This article talks more about why the need for employees with a combination of scientific and legal knowledge is increasingly necessary. It also mentions some of the differences in the fields which is interesting to know in terms of the mindset you may have to develop as a lawyer.

  1. Science Mag

Read about both science graduates and postgraduates pursuing a fulfilling legal career through various routes in the US and Europe.

When considering a legal career with a science background, consider whether you enjoy using the skills mentioned. If these are aspects of your scientific training that you enjoyed applying during your degree, you may also enjoy applying them in a new field. Also research the different industries you could enter, and whether any specific one sounds really exciting to you. Make sure you understand what qualifications you need to get using the websites above, and if you can, speak to someone in these industries to get an insight into what it’s like to make the transition.

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